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    My new favourite thing: Aquazzura

    I’ve always been a shoes fan. If I could choose between a handbag and heels, I would pick the latter. The magic in shoes is that, your choice of shoes would completely change your outfit, as well as the options of different materials, heel height and details of design. You could change from looking like […] Read more…

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    Tips for Summer Workwear in Hong Kong

    While summer is the best time for beaching, vacation and some nice icy cocktails, going to work under such a fiery weather could be a painful task. Imagine you have to walk to the train station under 37 degrees while trying to make sure your high heels won’t step into any drainage channels on the […] Read more…

City & Culture

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    Should you learn Chinese before visiting Hong Kong?

    Before you consider that, you’d better define what’s really mean by the “Chinese” language in Hong Kong. The primary language used in Hong Kong is Cantonese; while the one used in the Mainland is Mandarin (or Putonghua). Cantonese is a much older language than Mandarin and the former is commonly spoken by people living in […] Read more…

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    Hong Kong’s unspoken rules in public

    There are laws in regulations in every society, but those legitimate rules are not enough to shape the culture especially when a place is so bustling with multi-culture history and people; a place like Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, there are so many unwritten rules, and also customs, that secure the order of the city. […] Read more…

Art & Design

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    The bustling Hong Kong art scene with the return of Art Basel

    In the month of May, it would be hard to imagine the word “art” missing in discussions and chit chats among city dwellers in Hong Kong as one of the world’s biggest art shows, Art Basel, is returning for its second year. Not only does Art Basel bring all the arty people into town such […] Read more…

  • YellowKorner's Hong Kong gallery at the IFC Mall.

    Arthur de Villepin: Making photography accessible via YellowKorner

    Arthur de Villepin – son of the former Prime Minister of France, Dominique de Villepin – no longer lives under the shadow of his father because he’s implementing business ideas of his own with exciting projects and expansion plans to show that he can make things happen. Today, he’s the CEO Asia Pacific of the renowned Paris-based […] Read more…


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    Wonderful Ski Holidays in Zermatt, Switzerland

    Although Hong Kong is getting warmer and ready for the summertime, we decided to go for the last bit of the ski season at Zermatt, Switzerland. Zermatt is a ski resort area in the district of Visp, located at the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The village is at an elevation of 1,620m at the […] Read more…

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    Escape to the big ocean and sandy beach: Maldives

    I didn’t know the concept of “escape” until I travelled to Maldives, the tropical destination made of over a thousand islands near the Indian Ocean. Living in Hong Kong where daily lives are filled with noises, stress and skyscrapers, I always wondered what it was like to be in a place where all the above […] Read more…


  • A bicycle spotted outside a tea house on Tai Ping Shan Street in Poho, Sheung Wan. I doubt it's only for decoration.
A bicycle spotted outside a tea house on Tai Ping Shan Street in Poho, Sheung Wan. I doubt it's only for decoration.

    I wish there was a style called “cycle chic” in Hong Kong

    Except for some districts in New Territories like Shatin, Taiwai and Taipo, you barely see Hong Kong people riding in bicycles. The city is never a cycle-friendly one as the roads are always overloaded by thousands of privates cars, minibuses, big buses and even trams. If not occupied by cars, Hong Kong’s flat lands are […] Read more…

  • What do dumplings and fahsion have in common?

    What dumplings and fashion have in common

    Dumplings might be just another dish in any Asian cuisines, but it can hook to something every modern human being cares about: the “f” word. We call that “fashion”. Yet it’s not about referencing any stylish or extravagant Chinese or Japanese restaurants that offer tiny plates of delicate-looking thin-skin dumplings, with a resplendent ceramic sauce […] Read more…