Exploring the youth in Louis Vuitton’s new Times Square store

The brand new Louis Vuitton’s 8th store in Hong Kong at Times Square is not another opening where stylish people or fashion wannabes chat over champagne and crepes, it showcases delicate details and unique elements that the luxury label tries to create with innovative concept and youthful environment. The latter is something that is commonly deemed as the opposite for Louis Vuitton. Youth and Louis Vuitton, seem doesn’t match right? That’s why we need to explore now.



The spacious and elegant Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Times Square store was open last month on November 29. The brand wittily invited Hong Kong’s fashion icon and Canto-pop’s most influential lyricists, Wyman Wong, to record a 10-minute audio as the store’s sound tour to guide visitors like me walking through the store. And that’s how I learn about the 6 stunning features of how this new baby of Louis Vuitton shows her young side while keeping the style and heritage of the brand.

1. Young

The first thing you see while walking into the store is a big mountain of cherries with a youthful fawn hiding inside, inspired by Sofia Coppola’s windows at Le Bon Marché Paris in celebrating the arrival of the new SC Bag. It’s young, fresh and cute.


2. Unique furnishing

There are many antiques and old furniture displayed at the store that are collectibles from the 60s handpicked from flea markets in Paris, such as the wooden table below.


3. Travel, travel, travel

Travel is the anchor of Louis Vuitton although it might have been overshadowed by the glamourous handbag and accessories design. In the center of the Times Square store, a big glass wall features 832 personalization leather travel tags in rainbow colors. And then I realized Louis Vuitton has always offered personalization services such as hot-stamping initials onto leather goods or hand-painting onto hard-side luggages, just to make something personal to enrich your travel experience.


The staff at the mini workshop just in front of the rainbow wall even created a personalized leather tag for me with my initials hot-stamped onto the tag. You can choose the font of the letters, the sizes and the colors from the sample book. Then in 5 minutes, your personalized leather tag is beautifully done. Thanks for the lovely tag! I’m going to use it soon!


4. Detailed decoration with heritage elements

I always enjoy looking at something of which the details can only be seen with deeper observation, and Louis Vuitton does that. The entire store is in a light and natural palette created from light wood, leather and brass metal pieces. The Women’s Universe (the womenswear area) features glowing plait screen of woven cotton straps which are inspired by the brand’s vintage hat basket.


The light-color leather straps are hung from the ceiling to hold the shelves at the womenswear section.


When you walk into the Men’s Universe (the menswear section), similar concept of leather straps hanging on the walk to hold the display shelves is featured, except that the hue is more dark to build a masculine feeling.


5. Playful

Being young without playful isn’t sound very promising, isn’t it? Louis Vuitton knows what’s on its plate. At the Men’s Universe there’s a soapbox race car, canvas-clad in Louis Vuitton’s signature Damier Graphite, displayed in the middle to spice up the trendy ambience. I heard that the race car was originally displayed at the Taipei 101 store before traveling to Hong Kong.


6. Louis Vuitton is a publisher

Connected between the Women’s and Men’s Universe, a room called Cabinet de Curiosité is the library stocked with numerous books of urban style, travel and street art, including Louis Vuitton’s own editions. That’s when I get to know Louis Vuitton is also a publisher!


Since 1998, the label has been publishing a series of City Guides sharing insatiable urban wanderlust of different cities around the world. Up to the 2014 edition, the Louis Vuitton City Guides cover 15 of the world’s most exciting cities across populated continents.


I hope you enjoy the Louis Vuitton Times Square store as much as I do.

Happy holidays!

2 Comments on Exploring the youth in Louis Vuitton’s new Times Square store

  1. May
    January 1, 2014 at 6:57 am (2 years ago)

    Hi Jin,
    I am amazed how beautiful the LV shop in HK is. Not even the London LV can beat’em! I have a friend who loves LV. but there are a couple of things that I dislike and that is, the brown colour and it is the brand most imitated that made billions in selling fake bags….

    • Jin Wong
      January 1, 2014 at 12:27 pm (2 years ago)

      The store is indeed very trendy and elegant. Counterfeit products has always been a problem, but I think the consumers now are getting away from wanting to flaunt, now they focus more on the design and cut too.


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